Anti-Corrosion Additives

Corrosion is a natural process of the deterioration of a material due to its chemical reaction with certain elements of our environment. This can be a problem in innumerable applications like the construction of buildings and infrastructure, automobiles, the aerospace industry, the oil and gas industry, etc.

Anti-corrosion additives, also called corrosion inhibitor additives are chemicals that are added to a material to improve its corrosion resistance or to inhibit corrosion or prevent corrosion. Several types of anti-rust additives can be used to protect metals from corrosion.

Ankush Enterprise is one of the most prominent anti-rust additives suppliers in India, supplying a wide variety of anti-corrosion additives to a plethora of sectors. The corrosion inhibitor additives that they supply include:

Inhibitors: These anti-rust additives form a protective layer on the surface of the metal, preventing the corrosive agents from coming in contact with the material.

Coatings: These are thin layers of materials like paints, electroplated coatings, or sprayed coatings that are applied on the material to prevent the metal from coming in contact with the corrosive environment.

Passivators: These are anti-corrosion additives that modify the surface of the metal making it less reactive and less prone to corrosion.

Cathodic Inhibitors: These are corrosion inhibitor additives that interfere with the electrochemical reactions that occur during corrosion, reducing the speed at which the metal corrodes.

Embrittlement Inhibitors: These are anti-rust additives that prevent metals from becoming brittle, thereby helping corrosion prevention treatments.

Sacrificial Anodes: These anti-corrosion additives are metals that are more reactive than the metal being protected. They are placed in contact with the metal and corrode instead of the metal being protected.

All these quality work made Ankush Enterprise the leading anti-rust additives supplier in India.

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