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Ankush Enterprise supplies coalescing agents that are used in water-based paint formulations to improve their film formation and durability. Coalescing agents work by promoting the fusion of the individual polymer particles in the paint film, resulting in a smooth and continuous coating. Ankush Enterprise offers a range of coalescing agents that are suitable for various types of water-based paints, including latex, acrylic, and vinyl paints.

Coalescing agent in paints is a chemical compound that merges or helps to bring together various components of a paint or coating like pigments, binders, and solvents. The main function of a coalescing agent in paints is to improve the film formation and drying properties of the paint, as well as its durability and performance.

Coalescing agents are particularly used in water-based paints, such as latex paints, to help the water evaporate more quickly and to improve the adhesion of the paint to the surface on which it is being painted. Coalescing agents in paints are also used in some oil-based paints to improve their flow and leveling properties.

There are many different types of coalescing agents in paints, including glycol ethers, esters, alcohols, amides, and polymers. The specific coalescing agent used in paints is dependent upon the type of paint being formulated and the desired properties of the finished product.

Ankush Enterprise is the leading coalescing agent supplier in India. We supply the grades of high-quality coalescing agents from the globally renowned YIL-LONG CHEMICAL GROUP, CHINA.

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