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Food defoamers are substances that are used to reduce or eliminate foam in food processing and production. Foam can occur in a variety of food products beverages and dairy products. It can be formed due to the presence of air, properties of the ingredients being mixed, as well as physical actions of mixing and processing.

Food defoamers added to products can either be natural or synthetic. There are different types of food defoamers used in the food industry, including mineral oil defoamers, silicone-based defoamers, vegetable-based defoamers, and chemical defoamers. Mineral oil-based food defoamers are derived from petroleum and are commonly used in the production of beverages and high-protein powder drinks. Silicone-based food defoamers are made from silicone polymers and are often used in the production of beverages and dairy products. Vegetable-based anti-foaming agents used in food are made from plant-based oils and are used in the production of natural and organic food products. Mechanical anti-foaming agents used in the food industry work by physically breaking up the foam by either using mechanical action or through the application of pressure. Biological food defoamers or biological anti-foaming agents used in the food industry are micro-organisms that are used to consume and break down foam-forming substances.

Food defoamers when used in appropriate proportions are considered safe for use as anti-foaming agents in the food industry. They improve the efficiency and quality of food production processes, as well as reduce waste.

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