Glucoside is a type of compound that is formed when a sugar molecule (glucose) is chemically bonded to a non-sugar molecule (called aglycone). Glucosides are found in a variety of plants and are often used for their medicinal properties. They are usually small, colorless crystals and are tasteless or slightly sweet.

Glucosides are compounds that are found in certain plants and are often used in skin care products. They are used as natural surfactants, which means they can help to cleanse and foam-up when mixed with water. They are gentle and safe to use on the skin and are often used in products designed for sensitive skins or for use on children.

Some common examples of use of glucoside in skincare are coco-glucoside, lauryl glucoside and decyl glucoside in skincare products. Glucoside are often used in combination with other ingredients to create products that are effective at cleaning and moisturizing the skin.

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