Ankush Enterprise is one of the largest importers of Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA), along with various other Speciality Chemicals catering to the needs of Adhesives, Paints & Coatings, Plastics, Printing Inks, Textiles & Auxiliaries, Construction Chemicals and many others for the past 25 years.

Our foray into the Food Ingredients sector by catering to the various applications like bakery, extruded pellets, confectionary nutritional supplements, snacks, seasonings, soups, instant noodles and other FMCG products has been very successful.

We have been serving the Personal Care Ingredients market as well, having an extensive range of products to offer various applications and are catering to Skin Care, Oral Care, Hair Care and Personal Hygiene Applications amongst others.

Seeing the increase in the consumption of meat and by-products in India, we sensed a need to enter the Animal Feed segment to support the ever growing demand of meat products and widen our horizons. We offer different solutions to feed mills and poultry farms to enhance the quality of the produce and at the same time ensuring good and safe health of birds and animals.

We are also into Exports of Chemicals, Food & Personal Care Ingredients.

We demonstrate that the distribution of chemicals and ingredients is not only a business for us, but also our passion. This passion enables us to be the best partner connecting to our customers nationally and suppliers globally.

With a team of responsible & committed people, wide reach and in-depth knowledge of the International sourcing market as well as the local industry; we are poised to serve the requirements of all our customers & principals. We are also very proactive in facilitating regular interactions between our customers and principals for mutual benefit.

At Ankush, our employees are our assets and so we promote a dynamic and friendly work environment that values perspectives and respects the vision and suggestions of our employees.

In order to offer indenting services to our customers with large requirements, we have a group company – JAY EXIM. The operations in this company are dedicated exclusively to indenting only.

It is our foremost priority to supply our customers with all their requirements and assist them to succeed in their business, much as we would do with our own.

We strongly believe in adding value to the business of our customers by guiding them & sharing the fortune of business with our stakeholders consistently.


To be one of the foremost and premier sourcing company of INDIA. With focus on achieving milestones at every level of our growth and giving every employee an opportunity for contributing in all aspect of our business.


To be a single window services and solution provider to all segment of operations. Sourcing all needs with technical support at every stage of relationship with customers, keeping abreast of newer development in the world and extending the same with our customers