The high-quality personal care product ingredients sourced by us from our global network of innovative suppliers help our customers in creating premium and world-class products in a wide range of applications such as skin care, hair care and color, sun care, make-up, and personal hygiene to name a few.

Our product offerings include a variety of actives, butters, conditioning agents, emollients, emulsifiers, film formers, natural alternatives to silicone, preservatives, silicones, solubilizers, sunscreens, surfactants, and thickeners.

We cover a diverse range of products across applications like anti-wrinkle, antiseptic, baby care, body mist, body yogurt, body butter, blue light protection, colour cosmetics, exfoliation, hand sanitizers, hair cohesion, hair care, hair straightening, home care, moisturizing lotions, natural preservatives, oral care, self-foaming, skincare skin toning, soothing active, slimming, skin care, sun care, whitening, etc.