Ankush Enterprise is your leading global distributor of innovative personal care products ingredients. It is amongst the largest personal care raw material suppliers to India’s personal care and cosmetics industry.

The high quality personal care products ingredients sourced by us from internationally acclaimed manufacturers enhance your products performance and have a wide range of applications. As a premier personal care ingredients distributors, our product portfolio is suitable for a range of applications including skin care, hair care and color, sun care, make-up, toiletries and more.

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The superior personal care products ingredients supplied by one of India’s most prominent personal care ingredients distributors, Ankush Enterprise is used in various applications by reputed companies across sectors. Some of the applications include Hair Straightener, Anti-wrinkle, Self-foaming skincare, Hair Cohesion, Skin Toning, Whitening, Soothing Active, Slimming, Blue Light Protection, Moisturizing Lotions, Exfoliation, Skin Care, Sun Care, Hair Care, Baby Care, Antiseptic, Body Butters, Body Yoghurt, Colour Cosmetic, Natural Preservatives, Home Care, Body Mist, Oral Care, Hand Sanitizers.